Data Visualization

Below are interactive images selected to represent data from various SAFETY indicators highlighted in our publications this quarter. Select a year in one of the images to view the corresponding data across each indicator.


Commitments to SD Department of Corrections:

The total number of juveniles committed to the Department of Corrections during the reporting period. The figure includes youth who have had multiple petitions committing them to the Department of Corrections with separate dispositional dates during the reporting period. Figures are by county which means the county of record in which the judge conducted the adjudication and dispositional proceedings. It can be county of residence or the county where the offense occurred.  

Youth Offense Referrals-Adjudicatory Actions:

These figures represents the number of youth under eighteen years of age who are referred to the Unified Judicial System (UJS) by the states attorneys. Juvenile informational complaints may be filed with the states attorney by law enforcement officials, parents, court services officers (alleged probation violations), and others. The state’s attorney may decide to file a formal petition, refer the case to a court services department for a 90-day informal adjustment, refer the case to a private agency approved by the court, or take no action. Numbers are for the county in which apprehension took place and represent the number of cases rather than individuals. In other words, if a child was referred to UJS for several different offenses, he or she would be counted several different times.  

Youth Offense  Referrals-Non-Adjudicatory  Actions:

These figures represents the number of youth under eighteen years of age who are referred to the Unified Judicial System (UJS) by the states attorneys. Juvenile informational complaints may be filed with the states attorney by law enforcement officials, parents, court services officers (alleged probation violations), and others. The state's attorney may decide to file a formal petition, refer the case to a court services department for a 90-day informal adjustment, refer the case to a private agency approved by the court, or take no action. Numbers are for the county in which apprehension took place and represent the number of cases rather than individuals. In other words, if a child was referred to UJS for several different offenses, he or she would be counted several different times.

Juvenile Admissions to Drug or Alcohol Treatment Programs:

Juvenile admissions to drug and alcohol treatment programs are youth under age 18 who receive state accredited alcohol and drug services ranging from crisis intervention to structured treatment programs. 

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